Fly, Stay & Drive with us!

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In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve recently expanded our offering with the addition of accommodation and car rental to our booking portal and bringing this to you by means of a brand spanking new website!

You can now FLY, STAY & DRIVE with us!  Planning a holiday can be daunting, time consuming as well as frustrating. We wanted to create a one-stop travel shop that is accessible and easy to use, removing the pain of planning so that customers can enjoy more time looking forward to their trip.  Instead of trawling through hundreds of sites to search for flights, hotels and cars, we’ll do the searching for you across airlines, hotels and car rental companies.

Booking a trip includes getting there, finding a place to stay and being able to get around. When you’ve booked those three essentials, your trip is pretty much made. I decided to power my accommodation offering with in particular as I find their site to be extremely popular and easy to use, and they also offer a huge variety of guesthouses and hotels to suit your needs. as my car rental partner was also a no-brainer as they search across big names like Avis, Europcar, Budget and more to bring you the best deals on car rental. Now there is no need to visit all the individual websites in search of a good deal, it’s all in one place,” says ClickClickGo owner, Tania de Jager.

With more services on offer, we hope to establish ClickClickGo as the top of mind travel booking website for both business and holiday travel. The aim is to make it easy, quick and enjoyable to plan your trip without spending hours weighing up different options. “ClickClickGo wants to put the fun back in travel and also inform and inspire customers with regular travel features and travel inspiration for the next trip,” says Tania.

What sets ClickClickGo apart is the fact that online travel bookings are made easy and simple, giving equal weighting to flights, accommodation and car rental. We cater for all travel needs in one place which saves you time and effort.

ClickClickGo is not just an e-commerce site, we also inspire through blogs, social media and travel inspirations pages.


“Realm Digital was very excited to embark on this project with ClickClickGo as not only did this expand their service offering as a business, but it has made them more accessible to the market in the travel space. A great initiative that we look forward to unpacking further in the future,” says Realm Digital’s Client Service Director, Shannon Moore.

No need to wait – let’s GO!

Here’s to something BRAND new!

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Notice anything different?  No, you’re not in the wrong place. Airlines SA has made way for a new online travel booking destination. From now on you will use ClickClickGo for all your travel booking requirements, whether local or international!

Why a re-brand you may ask?

Besides the fact that Airlines SA was in need of a serious makeover, the brand was also expanding rapidly, which called for a more flexible solution to allow for future services that our customers might require. The Airlines SA brand was quite limiting in terms of future expansion and with a few new plans up our sleeves, we needed a one brand umbrella to accommodate these. We want to make travel bookings easy and for that you need one destination.

The time was right to update the brand, change its name and give it a fresh brand new look, including a new logo and brand colours, as well as a completely new brand identity. The screaming pink is happy, vibrant and modern, because planning a trip shouldn’t be all serious!

Why ClickClickGo?

Whether we like it or not, most things these days happen with a click or two.The internet rules our lives – we shop, we read, we play, we communicate, we pretty much run our lives through the clicking of buttons!  Click, click, click click. The click is powerful. Day to day tasks like banking and shopping have become easier and quicker to manage, and travel should be no different. We felt that the name ClickClickGo will resonate with travelers, make it easier to remember and will position itself as the top of mind destination for any upcoming trips.

The name also conveys the simplicity of using our services and illustrates that it’s safe, fast and reliable, as easy as click, click and go!  ClickClickGo is a friendly modern brand, accessible to people from all walks of life, whether you travel for business or pleasure. We want the new brand to tie in with our company values as well as the customers we serve and we trust that it will do just that.

If ClickClickGo was a person

This brand is young at heart, adventurous and dynamic. We are serious about work and play!  We’re positive about the future and encourage others to learn through experience. It’s someone you can talk to, a friend and confidant, someone that always wants to help and assist. ClickClickGo is not complicated and you can always feel safe in its presence!

What makes ClickClickGo great!

When you use ClickClickGo, we want your interaction with our brand to be a positive experience. We therefore endeavour to make the booking processes as quick, safe and simple as possible and to provide the best customer service we can.  Above all, we want to bring you the best travel deals around to ensure you have some money left in your pocket for the fun part of the trip!

Watch this space…

The new ClickClickGo brand opens up so many new possibilities!  Our aim is to, in time, expand our product offering to include other travel booking services that you might require. ClickClickGo should be your one stop travel booking destination shop that is easy to use, safe and fast.  We wish to make travel fun, from the moment you book until your holiday starts!

We are very excited about this new venture and we hope that you will journey with us!  Make ClickClickGo your travel partner for all your travel needs! Find us at our new home – – bookmark this page today!  Also make sure to follow us on social media.  Hope to travel with you soon!