Become a pro-photographer with your phone

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Our phones have become so clever over the years that lugging a huge camera around while on holiday is not necessary anymore.  Learn how to use your smartphone camera correctly and your friends will think you’re a budding pro-photographer!

Tip #1: Turn your phone on the side

Always turn your phone on its side, no matter what shot you’re taking.  It makes your photo appear bigger and will give you more room to play with when cropping or framing.



Tip #2: Never put the object in the centre of the frame

Always use the rule of thirds.  Switch your phone camera’s grid lines on and always place the object on the interception of the lines.  The grid lines can be switched on under settings.  This will already make your photos look way more professional.  A handy tip to remember!



Tip #3: Clean your lens!

Sticky and dirty lenses do not make the best photos.  Make sure to wipe that lens with a soft cloth before embarking on your photography mission.



Tip #4: Sunset & sunrise are your friends

For the landscape shots of your life, always get up early or stay up late. The light and colours will be perfect for a winning photo.  You will also find less people around at those times giving you the perfect opportunity to take your time and get that shot.



Tip #5: Keep STILL

You can’t fix a blurred picture.  Ever.  So keep your photo super sharp by holding your phone with both hands or leaning against a steady object in order to eliminate any possible shakes.  If your phone allows, rather use the volume button to take the picture OR use the self-timer.  Shooting the picture with the on-screen button might move the phone ever so slightly and ruin the shot.



Tip #6: Never zoom

You have legs, use it.  The more you zoom, the further you reduce the quality of your shot.  Move closer to the object OR crop the image after taking the picture.


Tip #7: Use filters

Photography apps were developed to make simple pictures look cool.  Use it.  Just guard against over-processing as this will make you picture look fake.  Use quality filters that enhance your image without making it look cheap.



Tip #8: Say no to the selfie stick

Never use a selfie stick.  Unless you’re taking silly pictures of yourself.  When taking quality holiday shots, rather get a friend to take a picture for you.  The angle that is created by this stick is unnatural and gives your photo a weird look.



Now book that flight and start practicing!