You will LOVE Asia – 5 reasons to go

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I’ve traveled to Asia numerous times now and it’s most definitely the place closes to my heart.  The people, the food, the weather, the sites (and the exhange rate!), everything about it is just different than what we’re used to and it leaves a lasting impression.


I always recommend a trip to Asia for people that are looking for an adventure and a complete attack on the senses.  It’s a great place for first time travelers as well as return customers.

Here I will share my reasons for traveling to Asia, but take note, Asia is not for the faint-hearted:

Let Go!

Leave the luxuries behind when you travel Asia and learn to let go.  Cram your world into a backpack and get ready to be changed forever.


Everything you are used to and every social expectation will be changed and you’ll soon realise that you can get a long with a lot less.  Say goodbye to your shoes and your watch and start living! You will have to let go of your personal space, you will share bus and train rides with many others, enjoy street food amongst the hustle and bustle of Asian street life, see poverty but also learn about humility and thankfulness.  You will start seeing the world through different eyes and that is priceless.


Simplify your life

Traveling through rural Asia, you will meet the richest people in the world – with pockets filled with dust and hearts overflowing with gold.  The people around Asia live simple lives, but there is something to learn about simplicity.  These people have no need for material wealth and yet you will always see them laughing.


Be present

The East have mastered the art of no anxiety and no time.  One of the greatest gits you will get from your travels through Asia is that it will bring you back to the moment.  Sit back and enjoy life rather than rushing from one tourist attraction to the next.  Soak it in – the sunsets and sunrises, the smells and the sounds.  People always long for island holidays to get away and rejuvenate themselves, but you can do this by slowing down and discovering the peace within yourself.  A valuable lesson learned.

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Slow down

Life in rural Asia moves so slowly, you will believe that it is standing still.  And it probably is!  As Oscar Wilde put it: “To live is actually probably the rarest point in the planet. A lot of people are present, that’s all.” Asia do not comply with deadlines and timelines, you are going to be forced to slow down.  In fact, throw your to do list completely out!  Asia sets its own pace and you will just have to comply!


Wherever you travel in Asia, the countries are different and each provides its own eclectic mix of people, flavours and experiences.  What I did learn is that the lessons are the same.  It’s as if there is this common thread running through the whole of Asia with ancient wisdom of how life should be lived.  Go and find Asia and experience it for yourself!