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FlySafair is one of the latest entrants in to the low cost airline market in SA. Book your flights between Cape Town and Johannesburg or to another of South Africa’s key cities online now!  Use our flight price checking engine or find out more about FlySafair below.


About the airline


FlySafair is South Africa’s first true low cost airline in the business model sense. They are owned by Safair, a private aviation company that’s been operating in South Africa for over two decades.  FlySafair brought some welcome competition into the airline market in 2015. The airline’s primary hub is situated at Cape Town International Airport, from where it flies to four target cities around the country.

Founded in 2013, the airline still faced a number of legal and regulatory challenges in obtaining its air services license from the South African Air Services Licensing well as Comair. The issue of local ownership was central to this obstacle, and after extensive restructuring to meet the 75% local ownership requirement, the airline took to the skies on 16 October 2014.

About FlySafair

Founded in March 1969, Safair is an aviation company specialising in aircraft chartering, cargo services, lesasing and sales.  They also offer training, safety, maintenance and aircraft modifications. Its primary client in the 1980s was the South African Defence Force, however the company has significantly diversified its client base since then. Safair presently operates one of the largest Lockheed L-100 Hercules cargo aircraft fleets in the world. By mid 2014 its fleet consisted of 4 Boeing 737s and 6 Lockheed LM-100Js. The company is headquartered at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, and routinely flies to Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town.

FlySafair Specials

As is typical of a new airline launch, FlySafair launched with exceptionally low fares. Flights between George and Cape Town and PE and Cape Town were going on sale from only R399 for a one-way flight. The airline prices are still very competitive, however it is worth noting that their standard airfares do not include booked luggage.  This is billed for separately. Short stay or one-day business passengers do, however, have the option of not opting for checked-in luggage, making the airline ideal for one-day business commutes between Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Flight Routes

The airline operates scheduled passenger flights between Cape Town and Johannesburg, as well as between Cape Town and George, and PE and Cape Town.

Baggage Restrictions

It is important to take note of the fact that FlySafair’s standard airfares do not include checked luggage costs; in true low cost carrier style, checked luggage is billed separately at R150 per piece upon booking or at R250 upon check-in. Passengers are allowed 2 pieces of free carry-on luggage with a joined weight of 7kg. These bags should not be more than 56 x 36 x 23 cm in measurement.



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Seat selection

FlySafair gives you a selection of Extra Room Seats or Pre-selected Seats.  You can book these seats at an extra cost prior to departure.  Payments for these special seating arrangements are non-refundable.


Contact FlySafair directly on 087 135 1351 to book a cheap flight, or email Alternatively, you can also use the above booking form to book FlySafair flights online yourself – 24/7.