Here’s to something BRAND new!

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Notice anything different?  No, you’re not in the wrong place. Airlines SA has made way for a new online travel booking destination. From now on you will use ClickClickGo for all your travel booking requirements, whether local or international!

Why a re-brand you may ask?

Besides the fact that Airlines SA was in need of a serious makeover, the brand was also expanding rapidly, which called for a more flexible solution to allow for future services that our customers might require. The Airlines SA brand was quite limiting in terms of future expansion and with a few new plans up our sleeves, we needed a one brand umbrella to accommodate these. We want to make travel bookings easy and for that you need one destination.

The time was right to update the brand, change its name and give it a fresh brand new look, including a new logo and brand colours, as well as a completely new brand identity. The screaming pink is happy, vibrant and modern, because planning a trip shouldn’t be all serious!

Why ClickClickGo?

Whether we like it or not, most things these days happen with a click or two.The internet rules our lives – we shop, we read, we play, we communicate, we pretty much run our lives through the clicking of buttons!  Click, click, click click. The click is powerful. Day to day tasks like banking and shopping have become easier and quicker to manage, and travel should be no different. We felt that the name ClickClickGo will resonate with travelers, make it easier to remember and will position itself as the top of mind destination for any upcoming trips.

The name also conveys the simplicity of using our services and illustrates that it’s safe, fast and reliable, as easy as click, click and go!  ClickClickGo is a friendly modern brand, accessible to people from all walks of life, whether you travel for business or pleasure. We want the new brand to tie in with our company values as well as the customers we serve and we trust that it will do just that.

If ClickClickGo was a person

This brand is young at heart, adventurous and dynamic. We are serious about work and play!  We’re positive about the future and encourage others to learn through experience. It’s someone you can talk to, a friend and confidant, someone that always wants to help and assist. ClickClickGo is not complicated and you can always feel safe in its presence!

What makes ClickClickGo great!

When you use ClickClickGo, we want your interaction with our brand to be a positive experience. We therefore endeavour to make the booking processes as quick, safe and simple as possible and to provide the best customer service we can.  Above all, we want to bring you the best travel deals around to ensure you have some money left in your pocket for the fun part of the trip!

Watch this space…

The new ClickClickGo brand opens up so many new possibilities!  Our aim is to, in time, expand our product offering to include other travel booking services that you might require. ClickClickGo should be your one stop travel booking destination shop that is easy to use, safe and fast.  We wish to make travel fun, from the moment you book until your holiday starts!

We are very excited about this new venture and we hope that you will journey with us!  Make ClickClickGo your travel partner for all your travel needs! Find us at our new home – – bookmark this page today!  Also make sure to follow us on social media.  Hope to travel with you soon!


Become a pro-photographer with your phone

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Our phones have become so clever over the years that lugging a huge camera around while on holiday is not necessary anymore.  Learn how to use your smartphone camera correctly and your friends will think you’re a budding pro-photographer!

Tip #1: Turn your phone on the side

Always turn your phone on its side, no matter what shot you’re taking.  It makes your photo appear bigger and will give you more room to play with when cropping or framing.



Tip #2: Never put the object in the centre of the frame

Always use the rule of thirds.  Switch your phone camera’s grid lines on and always place the object on the interception of the lines.  The grid lines can be switched on under settings.  This will already make your photos look way more professional.  A handy tip to remember!



Tip #3: Clean your lens!

Sticky and dirty lenses do not make the best photos.  Make sure to wipe that lens with a soft cloth before embarking on your photography mission.



Tip #4: Sunset & sunrise are your friends

For the landscape shots of your life, always get up early or stay up late. The light and colours will be perfect for a winning photo.  You will also find less people around at those times giving you the perfect opportunity to take your time and get that shot.



Tip #5: Keep STILL

You can’t fix a blurred picture.  Ever.  So keep your photo super sharp by holding your phone with both hands or leaning against a steady object in order to eliminate any possible shakes.  If your phone allows, rather use the volume button to take the picture OR use the self-timer.  Shooting the picture with the on-screen button might move the phone ever so slightly and ruin the shot.



Tip #6: Never zoom

You have legs, use it.  The more you zoom, the further you reduce the quality of your shot.  Move closer to the object OR crop the image after taking the picture.


Tip #7: Use filters

Photography apps were developed to make simple pictures look cool.  Use it.  Just guard against over-processing as this will make you picture look fake.  Use quality filters that enhance your image without making it look cheap.



Tip #8: Say no to the selfie stick

Never use a selfie stick.  Unless you’re taking silly pictures of yourself.  When taking quality holiday shots, rather get a friend to take a picture for you.  The angle that is created by this stick is unnatural and gives your photo a weird look.



Now book that flight and start practicing!


SA Express

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Compare prices and book your SA Express flight today using our easy-to-use flight booking engine.  ClickClickGo offers you a one-stop online shop for getting the best deal on domestic travel.  Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, make sure you use ClickClickGo to get you to your destination.  Book your seat online right now or read more about the airline below.


About SA Express


SA Express (also known as South African Express) is a local airline with their head offices situated at OR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg.  They service domestic routes throughout the major cities of South Africa and offers both passenger and freight services.  Since its launch in April 1994, The airline has proven to be one of the key players in the South African skies.  They also form part of the South African Airways alliance, but operate independently from their holding company SAA.

Benefits of flying SA Express:

    • safety and reliability is their first priority
    • make use of SAA’s Voyager benefits
    • a seamless service thanks to the affiliation with SAA
    • hassle-free ticketing and check-in services
    • unique on-board experience with a variety of meals & snacks on offer

The Fleet

The airline makes use of the most advanced aircraft in order to ensure the safety of their passengers. These Canadian made machines include the CRJ 700, CRJ 200 and Dash 8 – Q400 aeroplanes that promises the quietest in-cabin experience in the sky.


The SA Express flight routes connect various local and regional destinations throughout South Africa including East London, Cape Town,  Richards Bay, George, Nelspruit, Kimberley, Port Elizabeth, Hoedspruit, Durban and Bloemfontein.  You can also reach neigbouring countries through this service to countries such as Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.


Check-in Services

SA Express aims to make the check-in and boarding process as simple and hassle-free as possible.  In addition to normal check-in procedures at the SA Express check-in counters, they also offer Fast Check, a self-help facility available at the major airports in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.  Use your e-ticket to complete check-in and receive your boarding pass in only a few seconds at any of these kiosks.  Boarding gate closures are 20 minutes before take-off for regional flights and 15 minutes for domestic travels.

Baggage allowance

Make sure that you familiarise yourself with the baggage restrictions before boarding a SA Express flight.  Free baggage allowance on SA Express includes 20kg per adult, 20kg per child and 10kg per infant.  One piece of hand luggage is allowed, maximum weight 7kg.  Excess baggage charges are applicable.

SA Express Special Offers

Travel South Africa and its neighbouring countries today! Click here for the lowest fares on domestic and regional travel and then book your next trip using the ClickClickGo booking engine above!

Book your seat using ClickClickGo right now!

Contact Info

The SA Express Head Office can be reached at +27 11 978 9900.

Book your SA Express flights telephonically by dialling +27 11 978 1111.

Customer Care: 0861 SAXCARES (0861 729 227) or send them a direct message by clicking here.



SA Airlink

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Book your flight with SA Airlink using our convenient booking engine and enjoy the benefits of SAA’s Voyager program by earning miles while you fly.  ClickClickGo will compare prices between various airlines, both locally and internationally, and will offer you a variety of options, with the cheapest option first!  The choice is yours.  Who needs a travel agent?


About the airline


The SA Airlink airline has been in business for over 21 years and is privately owned.  They are a strategic partner with South African Airways and is also affiliated with the Star Alliance network.  For passengers this means convenient connections with SAA and Star Alliance partner airlines throughout South Africa and the world.  The company was formed in 1995 and its headquarters is currently based in Johannesburg, Gauteng.  Due to safety issues, the whole fleet of 13 aircraft was forced to be grounded in 2009.  The safety concerns were however resolved and tthe airline could take to the skies again shortly thereafter.

Airlink Cargo is another subsidiary of SA Airlink and offers various cargo-handling services in the African market including ground-handling as well as air freight services.

SA Airlink Destinations

Predominantly a short distance local carrier, Airlink travels to 36 destinations in 9 African countries.  Local destinations include all the major city centres as well as Phalaborwa, Nelspruit, Kimberley, Skukuza, Upington and Pietermaritzburg.  Lesotho, Mozambique, Zambia, Swaziland, Namibia and Botswana counts among the airlines African destinations.  Make your own booking today using the Airlines SA booking engine above.  The Airlines SA website is completely safe and secure with no hidden costs to be afraid of.

The Fleet

Airlink’s aeroplane fleet currently consists of 43 smaller aircraft.  This includes 12 Avro RJ85’s, 17 Embraer ERJ-135’s, 2 Embraer ERJ-145’s, 8 BAe Jetstream 41’s and 4 Cesna Grand Caravan’s.  They’ve only encountered 2 major incidents in their 21 years of flying, both in 2009.  In September 2009, a BAe Jetstream crashed shortly after takeoff from Durban International Airport.  This accident resulted in four injuries and one fatality.  The fatality followed complications from injuries sustained.  That following December, one of their aircraft overshot the runway in a rainy George causing it to land up in a public road with the aircraft damaged beyond repair.  Luckily, this accident didn’t result in any injuries.


Baggage Allowance

Standard baggage allowance for SA Airlink is 2 pieces plus 1 laptop bag for business class passengers and 1 piece plus laptop bag for economy class travelers.  Hand luggage must be stow-able in the overhead locker or underneath your seat.  The free baggage allowance includes most sporting equipment.  If however this is in addition to the normal allowance, there will be a seperate charge. Please refer to the website for the specifications and rules around sporting equipment.

SA Airlink loyalty programme

By flying SA Airlink, passengers get the benefits of the South African Airways frequent flyer program called Voyager. This loyalty program was designed to reward frequent flyers with miles every time they choose SAA, Airlink, Swaziland Airlink or SA Express. The program offered a tiered approach, the more you fly, the greater your rewards.

Contact SA Airlink

Head Office Tel: +27 11 451 7300 | 0105903170

Reservations Help Desk: +27 11 451 7350


Customer Care Email:

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8am – 4:30pm


Mango Airlines

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Flight RouteTrip Type  
Lanseria - DurbanOne wayBOOK NOWFrom R459
Durban - LanseriaOne wayBOOK NOWFrom R459
Lanseria - Cape TownOne wayBOOK NOWFrom R589
Johannesburg - DurbanOne wayBOOK NOWFrom R469
Johannesburg - GeorgeOne wayBOOK NOWFrom R639
Cape Town - BloemfonteinOne wayBOOK NOWFrom R849
Johannesburg - Cape TownOne wayBOOK NOWFrom R689
Lanseria - Port ElizabethOne wayBOOK NOWFrom R489
Durban - JohannesburgOne wayBOOK NOWFrom R469

Conveniently compare prices and book in a safe and secure online environment using the ClickClickGo booking engine.  Our transaction process is seamless and hassle-free.  Book your cheap flights with Mango Airlines today OR find out more about the airline below.


About Mango Airlines

Mango Airlines


Mango Airlines took to the skies on 15 Nov 2006 and set a new record of 10 000 flight requests per minute within the first 2 days of their launch. They are also often referred to as FlyMango, after their official website

Watch this short video to learn all there is to know about Mango!

Mango Airlines pride themselves on:

  • most effective on-time performance in SA for the last 6 years
  • continuously providing cheap fares
  • on-board Wi-Fi, the only African airline to offer this service
  • easy booking by offering ticketing through major retailers
  • booking and payment facilities on their mobile app.

Things you did not know about Mango Airlines:

  • This airline has been recognised with an international award for its marketing in 2007.
  • The jam packed in-flight magazine, Mango Juice, is the in-flight magazine with the most accolades in South Africa.
  • ACSA Feather Awards, rewarded for top airport operations, have been awarded to Mango Airlines for a few consecutive years.
  • Mango Airlines have also come out top in the Top Brands Survey for 4 years in a row.
  • Several times they were also awarded the Coolest Airline Award by Sunday Times.
  • Mango Airlines, in 2008, were named the African Low Cost Carrier of the Year.

The Fleet

mango airlines

Mango Airlines fleet consists of 1 Boeing 737-300 aircraft and 9 Boeing 737-800 planes.  Both comfortably seats between 142 – 186 passengers. Wi-Fi services are now available on most Mango flights and enables passengers to connect to social media, emails and the internet during flights.

In the News

Recently, there has been talks of a possible merger between Mango Airlines, South African Airways and SA Express. No time frame has been mentioned yet. Read all about it here.

Get the latest Mango Airlines news articles here.


With Mango Airlines you can travel regularly to Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg (OR Tambo & Lanseria), Port Elizabeth and George.  Regular weekly flights between Johannesburg and the tropical island of Zanzibar have also been added to their flight schedule.  Enter your destination in our search box above and choose the best option for you based on the results returned.


Check-in Services

Both self-service, online and mobile check-in services are available when traveling on selected flights with Mango Airlines. Passengers are allowed to check-in via the online service 24 hours before their flight departs, however this service is not available for all flights.  You can also make use of the self-service check-in service which is available 12 hours before departure and closes 40 minutes before your flight departs.  Mobile check-in is also available on selected flights.  Get you check-in done here.

Make sure you’re also well informed about the baggage allowances before boarding your flight.  You can find all the necessary information here.

Contact Info

Contact the airline on the following numbers:

Call Centre: 086 100 1234 (International: JNB +27 11 086 6100)


Schedule Changes: 086 101 0216

Refunds: 086 101 0211

Head Office Address: Mezzanine Level Domestic Departure Terminal, OR Tambo International Airport, 1627

Postal Address:

PO Box 1273, OR Tambo International Airport, 1627

Booking Mango Flights

Simply submit your preferred flight dates into the above search form to get started booking your own, call the airline direct on 086 100 1234, or visit for more information.

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Take to the air with South Africa’s no-frill budget airline!, derived from a Zulu word meaning ‘it’s easy’, is a subsidiary of British Airways.  Kulula Airlines is the only local budget airline that is not owned and operated by South African Airways.  With  you can travel to the major local hubs in South Africa. This includes Cape Town, Johannesburg, George, East London and Durban. Search and compare flight prices using our booking engine and ClickClickGo will give you all the flight options available, for both international and local carriers, lowest price first of course!

The in-flight experience

South Africans love and trust  Everything about their brand, their advertising and the flying experience is comical and tongue-in-the cheek, making them very approachable to the man on the street.  Safety, low-airfares and just a passion for what they do make them a favourite amongst travelers.

You can also expect the following when traveling with

  • a relaxed and humorous in flight experience
  • an entertaining in flight magazine called Khuluma
  • audio entertainment
  • snacks and drinks for you to munch on
  • comfortable seating arrangement in the news

With the FIFA soccer world cup in South Africa in 2010, landed itself in hot water over an advertising campaign that positioned them as the “Unofficial National Carrier of the You-Know-What” that took place “Not next year, not last year, but somewhere in between”.  FIFA forced them to withdraw this campaign but it already grabbed attention and sales soared.

See what the fuss was about by watching the video clip below:

Keep an eye on News 24 for the latest news and information around by clicking here.


Check-ins open a day before flight departure and seats may be chosen upon online check-in, mobi check-in or at the airport.  To ensure you get your favourite seats, make use of the pre-paid seat offer starting from only R55.  Booking an extra seat for more comfort is allowed but is in effect an additional full adult fare without extra baggage allowance.  When booking a seat at the emergency exit, check-in will have to take place at the manned counter at the airport.  For passengers requiring wheelchair assistance, this can be arranged 24 hours before take off from the Contact Centre.  They can be reached at 0861 KULULA / 0861 585 852. Special Offers

With Kulula you can always be assured of the lowest prices on flights and best package deals on your favourite holiday destinations.  Kulula brings you special discounts as well as holiday packages on a regular basis.  Save money traveling locally or take advantage of the savings on one of the international holiday destinations.  Current specials include Mauritius from R13 139 per person for 7 nights, Phuket from R4678 per person for 8 nights, Victoria Falls from R5751 per person for 2 nights and New York from R3288 per person per night.  Make sure to keep an eye on the website for updates on what’s on offer.




Kulula Airlines

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Looking for the best Kulula Airlines specials online? ClickClickGo enables you to compare flight prices to other low cost carriers’ fares.  Book your own flights online – 24/7, 365!  Find out more about Kulula’s flight routes, specials and the airline’s fleet below.  To book your tickets, input your travel dates using our booking engine right now.


Flight RouteTrip Type  
Johannesburg - Cape TownOne wayBOOK NOWFrom R599
Cape Town - JohannesburgOne wayBOOK NOWFrom R599
Johannesburg - DurbanOne wayBOOK NOWFrom R449
Durban - Cape TownOne wayBOOK NOWFrom R759
Johannesburg - East LondonOne wayBOOK NOWFrom R589

About the airline


Kulula Airlines, also known as, is a trading name brand of South African airline Comair.  Comair also operates scheduled passenger flights as a British Airways franchisee. South African travelers just love Kulula, especially for being South Africa’s first no-frills low cost carrier.  Its especially known for its entertaining (and typically competitive) advertising campaigns. During 2010, for example, the airline was forced to stop a FIFA focused ad campaign. They opted to position theselves as “The Unofficial National Carrier of the You-Know-What”. During 2015, the airline has also been judged to be one of the safest airlines in the world by the aviation website  Read all about that here.

Rather than focusing only on cheap flights, the airline positioned itself as a “full-on travel” solution, giving air travelers the ability to book, pay and travel without the need to deal with a travel agency. Kulula Airlines was founded in 2001, and flies to 6 key cities around South Africa from its flight hubs at OR Tambo International and Lanseria International Airports. The airline is headquartered in Kempton Park, Gauteng, and operates scheduled services to most major South African business hubs.  The airline’s branding is bold, and bright green, and their livery is frequently hilarious. As is to be expected aboard any low cost carrier, snacks and refreshments are available for purchase. The airline’s in-flight magazine, Khuluma, has a readership of over 200,000 people per month.  The check-in counters for Kulula open 90 minutes before departure, and close 30 minutes prior to take-off.

Kulula Airlines Specials

Kulula offers ongoing specials on flights and holiday packages. Keep an eye on ClickClickGo’s coverage of the latest Kulula specials, or visit for more information.

Kulula Flight Routes


Kulula Airlines flies to several key cities within South Africa on a near daily basis, including between Cape Town and Johannesburg, Johannesburg and Cape Town to Durban and back, as well as to George, East London and Johannesburg’s Lanseria International Airport, a destination that is ideal for business travelers wishing to commute to the north of Johannesburg. To find out more about the flight schedule, click here.

The Fleet

By November 2014, the Kulula fleet comprised of 10 next-generation Boeing 737s with an average age of 11.2 years.


Baggage Restrictions

Each passenger is allowed one free piece of checked baggage no bigger than the following maximum dimensions: 90 x 75 x 43cm (35.5 x 29.5 x 16 inches). The maximum weight limit per bag is 20kg, with anything heavier being subject to a heavy bag fee of R350 per bag at the airport. Extra bags can also be purchased at the airport. Infants under the age of 2 years get one free checked bag not exceeding 20kg, in addition to one collapsible pram and a child seat.  Passengers can bag one additional bag online by credit card two hours before flight departure at a price of R245 per bag, or through the Kulula Airlines Contact Centre: 0861 KULULA (585852). If purchased at the airport, the price per additional bag is R350.

Kulula Reservations Contact Details

Call Centre: 0861 KULULA / 0861 585 852

Physical Address: Cnr 1 Marignane Drive and Atlas Road, Bonaero Park, 1619, South Africa

Booking Kulula Airlines Flights

Book your own Kulula flights online using the above flight search tool or call o861 KULULA to speak to one of their flight consultants now about the latest Kulula Airlines flight specials.