‘Slaptjips’ around the world

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The humble potato, once only eaten by Americans, have since gone global and enjoyed in all forms.  Chips, fries or slaptjips are by far the most popular potato dish – hot and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, they are the favourite of the world.  As we know, the world has many differences and preferences and for that reason fries are enjoyed in various ways around the globe!

Go with us on a slaptjips tasting around the world:



Belgium is the birthplace of the slaptjip or frites as they are called over there.  The Belgians like their frites so much it’s not just a side dish, it’s the centerpiece of a meal!  Your frites are served in a cardboard cone and can be accompanied by a variety of sauces.



In Canada a meal of fries are called poutine.  You take your hot delicious fries and smother them in hot gravy and cheese for a calorie-laden indulgence.  Although some might call it junk food, it is a hit all over the country and even has festivals in its honour.



The Dutch love their fries just as much as their Belgian neighbours.  What makes the Dutch fries special is the secret sauce called joppiesaus.  It’s a mayonnaise type sauce with a subtle flavour of onion and curry and is best enjoyed in big dollops on your chips!



Called French fries all over the world, in France itself fries are called pommes frites and they are best enjoyed with a sauce called remoulade.  The sauce itself has a mayonnaise base with added pickles, horseradish, curry, anchovies and sometimes other flavourings.  Originally used as a condiment for fish, this sauce is now popular not only in France but also around Scandinavia.


Yes, the Japanese don’t just eat sushi.  When it comes to fries, they have embraced western-style fast food but with their own twist.  The Japanese enjoy their chips with a sprinkling of seasoning powders which comes in a variety of flavours including seaweed, barbeque, chicken soup and basil.  In most restaurants, you get a bag in which you can shake your chips to suit your taste.



The Americans love their fries so much that they pretty much enjoy it any and every way.  Some states enjoy it with Miracle Whip, some prefers sour cream and some Yanks just like it with everything – gravy, cheese, chili and more!  They also come in all shapes – curly fries, steak fries, hand cut or thin fries.  The Belgians might have discovered the chip, but America might just have perfected it!




Probably the strangest of combinations can be found in the Philippines.  They enjoy their fries with banana ketchup but there is a logical explanation.  During World War 1 there was a shortage of tomatoes so the Filipinos decided to use what they have plenty of – bananas!  Mashed bananas are made into ketchup with vinegar, salt and spices and tastes nothing like banana!  To trick you even further it is artificially made into a red colour!


Down Under they enjoy their fries about the same way they do in the UK, quite often accompanied by fried fish.  They also add their own unique touch when they flavour their chips with Chicken Salt, a simple salt with a hint of poultry.



In South Africa, fries are called slaptjips by the locals because of their limp appearance.  Whereas fries are normally stiff, in South Africa they are flabby and delicious!  Slathered with salt and vinegar and wrapped in thick white paper, a packet of slaptjips is something the whole rainbow nation can enjoy!


There you have it, fries around the world!  Why not try some at home tonight.