Liquids in luggage – what you need to know

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I don’t know about you, but I’m always extremely confused about traveling with liquids!  What is allowed into my luggage and what needs to go in my suitcase?  Here are the latest rules around this topic to prevent you from having to part with your beloved toiletries!

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Please note that all airports have their own rules when it comes to liquids in luggage so make sure you double check these before you travel.

How much liquid is allowed in hand luggage?

You are only allowed small individual containers of liquids with a maximum capacity of 100 ml each in your hand luggage. These  need to be packed in a durable, transparent, resealable plastic bag (e.g. a Ziploc bag) that is no more than 20cm x 20cm in size and no more than 1 litre in capacity.  There you have it!


Note: You can bring as many small containers as you want as long as they fit into the resealable plastic bag.

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Is there a limit to the amount of liquids in checked luggage?

There are no limits to the amount of liquids that are allowed in checked luggage apart from alcohol. However, you will need to take certain precautions:

  • There are a list of restricted items, make sure your stash does not include any of these.
  • Make sure all items are properly sealed or repackaged in a leak-proof container as air pressure might cause containers to pop.

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What is considered liquid?

Any substance with a fluid, free-flowing or ‘gooey’ consistency is considered liquid. This includes items such as aerosols, creams, pastes, and gels.






Sauces (e.g. salsa, gravy etc.)



Salad dressing

Soft drinks


Bottled water

Canned food with high liquid content (e.g.  sardines, tuna etc.)


Liquor (e.g. wine, beer etc.)


Sunscreen spray

Shaving cream

LipglossHairstyling gels




Peanut butter

Cheese spread

Soft cheese (e.g. brie, camembert etc.)


Shaving gel


Gel-filled tablets (e.g. fish oil tablets)

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What items are exempt?

As with most rules, there are exemptions to the 100ml rule.  Items that are exempt from this ruling includes:

  • Breast milk, baby formula, baby food, and baby juice (note: only when traveling with a baby!)
  • Prescription and over-the-counter medications
  • Liquids or liquid nutrition for people with disabilities or medical conditions (note: you may be required to prove the necessity and authenticity of these items)
  • Frozen items (if they’re frozen solid)
  • Cosmetic or medical items with saline or liquid

Note: These items will need to be declared for inspection at the security checkpoint. You may also need to provide a doctor’s letter for certain medications.

List of prohibited items

You can find a comprehensive list of prohibited items here.

Can you put alcohol in luggage?

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Alcohol in carry-on luggage must comply to the rules mentioned above, while the amount of alcohol you can pack in checked luggage depends on three things:

  • It must be unopened or packaged in a sealable bottle.
  • There are no restrictions on liquor with an alcohol content of less than 24% (e.g. beer and wine)
  • Liquor with an alcohol content of between 24% and 70% is restricted to 5 litres per passenger

Remember, luggage is tossed onto conveyor belts, trucks, and planes, so be careful when putting glass bottles in your luggage.

Note: Every country has its own rules regarding alcohol. The amount of liquor you are allowed to pack can vary from country to country and from airline to airline.



What about duty-free items?

This is where things can get complicated.

These items can generally be taken through checkpoints if they are sealed in the ICAO tamper-evident bag that is provided at the time of purchase (be sure to ask for one of these). If the seal is broken or any items are removed they may be subject to liquid restrictions.

However, this is not the case with all countries so it is better to wait until the last leg of your trip before you make any purchases.

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It is advisable to contact the airline you will be travelling with to find out about regulations in the countries you will be transiting through.

More handy tips

  • Resealable bags will need to go through the x-ray machine separately. Ensure they are packed on top of your clothing to avoid having to unpack your luggage at the airport.
  • Buy a travel kit or travel containers and repackage liquid toiletries. These containers usually come in 100 ml sizes and are designed to fit neatly together.
  • Buy travel-sized items (e.g. mouthwash, toothpaste, shampoo etc.)
  • Go for two-in-one items such as shampoo and conditioner combos to save space.
  • Lush, a popular cosmetics shop, sells products such as solid deodorant, deodorant powder, and shampoo bars that have an array of benefits and will go through security effortlessly.

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Now that you have all the information you need, BOOK THAT TRIP with us today!


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Pack your suitcase like a PRO

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I love holidays.  But I simply hate packing.  Working with limited space and deciding what to squash into that limited space is hard.  Clothes are always wrinkly, jewelry gets tangled and your favourite shoes or jacket must always stay behind because there is just not enough space!  Luckily for people like us, some clever travel experts have discovered the secrets of packing the perfect suitcase and have been so kind as to share some of those tips with us.

If you follow these tips (and I will most definitely try them as well!), you should be able to pack everything you need hassle-free and arrive on the other side with everything still in place!

1. Roll your clothes, don’t fold it.  It’ll make packing go much quicker and will save you lots of valuable suitcase space.  Stack clothes that are prone to wrinkles on top of the rolled up items.


2. Always pack 2 tops for every bottom.  This will keep you from over-packing!

3. Stacking your bras inside each other will keep their shape and save valuable space.  A good idea is also to pack small underwear items in the cups.  And once everything is stacked, fold it in half for even MORE space saving.  Just genius.



4. Protect your clothes – Turn light coloured items inside out JUST in case.  Once all the clothing items are packed and/or rolled, cover it with a dry-cleaning bag to keep it separate and clean from the rest of the suitcase content.

5. Don’t forget the belts!  Coil your belts around the edges of your case.  You’ll be able to fit all your !

6. What to do with the shoes?  Cover the bottom of your shoes with shower caps, that way they won’t dirty the rest of your stuff.  Another brilliant idea is to pack electronics, chargers, earphones and/or sunglasses inside your shoes!



7. Always always pack your leaky and/or fragile bottles and tubes in a zip lock bag.  The one time you don’t do it, it will spill in your suitcase and create a mess and probably spoil the first few days of your trip!  Also opt for smaller travel sizes. You can also cover the opening of bottles with cling wrap before replacing the lids.  All just extra tips to make sure you have peace of mind on your journey!



8. Oh but what about the jewelry…?  You can set big jewelry pieces between 2 sheets of cling wrap to prevent them from tangling and moving around.  Smaller pieces, like earrings and rings, can be placed in a pill container. (Why did I never think of that?)



9. Fold your underwear – yes, fold those babies.  You’ll be surprised at how much space a bunched up bundle of undies can take up!


10. Protect your valuable perfume and other glass bottles by slipping them into socks before stacking them in your suitcase.

11.  Make sure your powdery makeups stay protected during travels, place a cotton ball inside the compact before you close the lid.



12. Pack an empty bag for laundry.  This way your dirty clothes will always be kept separate from the rest.

Now you have absolutely no excuses!  Try these tips and you might actually start enjoying packing!  Book your flights today and put these new tricks to the test!